SEEMOUS 2020 continuously and carefully monitors the coronavirus development. Greece has 7 confirmed cases of coronavirus. In Thessaloniki, there are 3 cases, the first two cases concern a woman that came from Italy and her son, whereas the third case is a Greek woman, a close contact of the first woman. All remain in isolation at AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki. National Public Health Organization in Greece has informed us that there are no restrictions as concerns your participation in SEEMOUS 2020, since Romania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia are countries with very few confirmed cases of coronavirus. According to the data we have until now, the Aristotle University will work like the previous week and all the courses will take place as usual. We shall keep you informed for any news that we have. In any case, you can follow the guidelines given by your country for prevention i.e. 

  • avoid contact with sick people, in particular those with a cough; 
  • avoid visiting markets and places where live or dead animals are handled; 
  • follow general rules governing hand hygiene and food hygiene; 
  • wash your hands with soap and water OR use an alcohol-based disinfectant solution before eating, after using the toilet and after any contact with animals; 
  • avoid contact with animals, their excretions or droppings. .  

Nicholas P. Karampetakis, Chairman of the Organizing Committee